After being away for a period of time, I am excited to be back in the office and serving a great group of people. Thank you for your prayers for my family and I as we grieved the passing of my uncle. Your prayers mean so much.

I want to thank Richard Wells, Pastor Zach, Howard Megill and all of our leaders for stepping in for me as I was gone. I had full confidence in that group of individuals.

As I look forward to the remainder of this year and the years to come, I am excited about the possibilities that lie ahead of us as a congregation. God is opening doors and, yes, He is closing some. Things are coming along nicely with our new after school child care program, Children of God After School Program. Our director, Christy Malesker, and our Church of God (COG) board are working hard to get things ready for August.

As your pastor, I ask for your prayers as I continue to seek Him and His guidance. I ask for your prayers for our leadership as they serve. I ask for your prayers for those who are trying to find their way in this life; pray that they find Jesus.

Church, let us be faithful with what God has called us to do.

Let us be Salt and Light.

Pastor Don