Hopefully, you are still sane and most importantly safe during this quarantine/house arrest/social distancing time. As you might have seen we have had to completely change the way we go about ministry at the church and in the youth ministry. Below is the latest info about FCOG Youth Ministry!

Easter Egg Fundraiser 

Unfortunately, we will have to cancel our Easter Egg fundraiser. While this is a big fundraiser for our kids it is not the time for a fundraiser. If you have collected money for eggs, please refund the money. Some might say to just donate the money to the student. If so, then I will need that money turned in with an order form, so that I can add that money to your student’s youth account.

Wednesday Nights

Using Zoom to have face-to-face meetings with students. These will be shorter than a normal youth night but will give us a chance to speak to the students directly.

Zoom is very easy to use. I’ll send out a link and if they have the app downloaded then all they need to do is follow the link and they will be in our “meeting”.

Monday and Friday afternoons, I’ll be getting myself, leaders, or even students to share a short devotion via Instagram story.

“Quarantine Challenge”

I’ll be giving students a task or two every day to complete. They can record or take pics of themselves doing it. I’ll then piece these together at the end of the week for a little video for everyone to see o I’ll share the challenges on Snapchat, Remind, Instagram and the parents page to hopefully reach every kid and have them DM it to my Facebook or the youth Instagram page.

Service Opportunities

There are many needs in the community right now ranging from food needs to childcare. I volunteered myself to go on store runs or other errands for those who are more at risk in our church and community. With parent permission, I plan on taking students with me ONLY if their parent verbally agrees to them being out and about.

Pastor Zach